Paint | Box


Paint Box, the coolest Modern Manicure studio I have laid my eyes on. I came across them while looking for  new modern nail designs, and I am glad I did. They offer the most amazing manicures with great colors and minimal but incredible designs. I really can’t wait to go to New York just to get in there and put some cool on my nails.




assembly-011-2000 assembly-005-2000 assembly-001-2000 assembly-019-2000 assembly-024-2000

Assembly New York! Bringing on the heat and the patch denim for SS16.

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September Likes


It is officially September and Autumn is around the Corner. The weather is cooler the nights are longer and the layers are piling on. September is one of my favorite months. It is my loves birthday month which I love to celebrate and it also marks the beginning of the holiday season. Plus fall collections are always the best. Here is a list of my September favorites that I can’t get over.

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So California.

jenni-kayne-002-1366 jenni-kayne-020-1366 jenni-kayne-005-1366 jenni-kayne-014-1366

I think this is one of my favorite Resort 16 Collections. Jenni Kayne is pretty notorious for good basics and I like the california vibes she added to this collection with its cool laid  back feel to it. I think its a very good combination  of locations that runs along California from its cool crisp stripe lines to its suede fringe. Her color palette is one of the things that also attracts me to this collection, very minimal,clean and versatile.

+ See full collection here.

Yummy Nudes.


How perfect are these nude/natural leather crossbody bags. I was on the phone with my sister and she was searching for a new nude bag so as I was browsing helping her look for a bag i came across  all of these beautiful leather gems. I think the cross body bag is perfect for every occasion. Its easy, small and still fits pretty much everything you need. Specially in this color of leather that can pair well with pretty much anything. Hmm now I am thinking which one I should get myself.

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just chill.

tumblr_nmp5tgJqVX1us4xdyo1_500 tumblr_nsxbbiH6Zk1qkk2aeo1_500 tumblr_nqjzifN4CH1sg81two1_500 tumblr_n9zlwz4pAH1qio9u8o1_500

I don’t know if it is the weather that is making me feel like this but I just need to do some mid day inspiration “pick me up” browsing.  I just needed to look through some images that me feel calm and relaxed. The weather has been pretty insanely hot lately and I feel like it makes working more exhausting. If you are feeling the same, I hope these images help take you to a cool and relaxing place in your mind.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful, cool week.

Just US, Para Siempre.

US rose baby booboo zappaI have some amazing news that I just have  not got to on here.  About 3 weeks ago I got engaged!! It seriously was such a nice surprise. Kris and I have been dating for 7 years, going on 8 this September and I am beyond excited that I will soon be married to this beautiful human. When Kris asked me it was such a beautiful and private thing I am so happy it was just us two. Kris worked with the most lovely designer to get a ring that was perfect for me and resembled me, as he told her ,one of a kind, just like me. Its so hard to even write all my emotions and how to describe every feeling going on inside of me.

Kris and I have never been that couple that are like we need to get married and have this life plan. We kind of just love each other and go with the flow. I love being about to spend every day with him and our dogs. I don’t think anyone gets me quite like him. We have our ups and downs but our love always overcomes our downs. We love to support each other in every crazy adventure and new avenue we want to go through. I think this is what is most important. Being able to understand your partners needs and passions and always support them and have their back 100% of the way. If you know Kris and I, you know we love  to be silly and work hard. I am beyond thrilled that we chose each other. Para Siempre.

Apiece Apart Resort

apiece-apart-003-1366 apiece-apart-026-1366 apiece-apart-011-1366 apiece-apart-016-1366-1 apiece-apart-002-1366

Resort 2016 is looking pretty good for Apiece Apart. I’m like of obsessed with the mixture of neon yellow with the white and navy for grounding. Digging all the tassels and easy silhouettes. They really know how to push simple yet quirky and fun colors with great texture and prints.

Braiding the Cut

77bcc9952ffb6998ec1a49bded711a99 387bff6e9159e6a3fc0862bf8b7c8811 cbf2cb9f29ffc6fb780b30276d36604a

Pretty braids. So I am currently growing out my hair, sloooowly. i feel like it hasn’t grown much in the past year that i have been letting it grow. I am trying to find new ways keep my hair entertained so I don’t get bored with it and want to chop it off. Lately I have been coming across  braid hair styles and i just love them. I personally feel like every time I wear braids I look funny. Well  right now I just finished 2 french braids on my hair and i am leaving  them in. Purposely, because all these braid pictures got me in the mood and right now i don’t care if they look funny.

KULE | Series NO.1

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So nautical is not my favorite thing but once in a while I do like a good stripe. I just came across Kule and I definitely dig the way they shot their Series No.1 campaign for their stripes. If you get a chance check them out they have some good stripes and basics.


M E X I C O   C I T Y  PT.1 M E X I C O   C I T Y  PT.1 M E X I C O   C I T Y  PT.1 M E X I C O   C I T Y  PT.1 M E X I C O   C I T Y  PT.1 M E X I C O   C I T Y  PT.1 M E X I C O   C I T Y  PT.1 M E X I C O   C I T Y  PT.1 M E X I C O   C I T Y  PT.1 M E X I C O   C I T Y  PT.1 M E X I C O   C I T Y  PT.1 M E X I C O   C I T Y  PT.1 M E X I C O   C I T Y  PT.1 M E X I C O   C I T Y  PT.1 M E X I C O   C I T Y  PT.1 M E X I C O   C I T Y  PT.1

The vacation is over! I know, I have been absent for a while I was too busy eating tacos and  fresh fruit popsicle for a while. Kris and I just got back this week for our trip to Mexico. My gosh if I could stay and live there you best believe I would. We came back so obsessed with Mexico City we are dying to go back already. It has only been 4 days since we got back and we already text each other everyday “gosh I wish we were back in Mexico.” Although we are so happy to be back home and catch up with friends. I think we just miss it so much because, well, we got back to work the second we landed. Kris had to get back to his exhibition showing and handle some new ventures and I had to get back to building a collection for my job. But enough of that let me get on to Mexico.

First off let me tell you have beautiful the city is. So full of life and such a warm welcoming. Everyone is extremely friendly and every part we went to its like we belong. Colonia Roma was my favorite of all. We spent quite some time there. They have the most amazing restaurants and stores. I can’t get over how well curated every cafe, restaurant was boutique was. The Architecture and history around the city is incredible.

One of our other favorite parts was Polanco. Polanco is super cool and hip I would say its like a much cooler Pasadena meets Silver lake ( if you are familiar with LA.) Once again the food does not disappoint. Plus Polanco had some of the coolest Museums like Soumaya and Humex. Since we were in Mexico we walked a total of 60 miles! I mean we Ubered around but damn did we walk. But its a good things because those tacos and quesadillas weren’t going to burn themselves off.

I took so many pictures of this trip because I did not want to forget any moment spent there. I will have to continue our Mexico adventure on another post and talk about some of our favorite cafe and restaurants we went to.

à la piscine

15_05_alapiscine_pg10_1 15_05_alapiscine_pg08_1 15_05_alapiscine_pg05_1 15_05_alapiscine_pg02_1

Even though it has been raining here in California and it is chilly ( which I love)  I’m also dreaming of summer! Not because i love summer but because as usual I was on Need Supply and their Summer 2015 lookbook made me fall in love. They have some seriously cute bathing suits. Its always so hard for me to find a bathing-suit I like but I guess not for long! Now I can’t wait for summer.