Just let it in.

by greybuttons


Yes, i’m this cliche right now, but you know what I have grown so much love for this magic of creation, that i don’t care. I have become obsessed since episode IV, (which is my favorite episode.) It took me 26 years to watch episodes IV,V,VI and I am so happy I waited this long. I did watch I,II,III when they came out but its not like watching the original characters.

I have become so obsessed with Star Wars, I think I have watched every George Lucas interview too. Star Wars isn’t about a galaxy war and lightsabers. Its about family and life lessons that I don’t think I would of ever understood until now. Its a huge family affair, “like a soap opera.” Right now it makes me so jealous knowing my fiance met JJ Abrams before the force Awakens came out, even thought before watching it I felt like I shouldn’t, like I was betraying Lucas. But its an amazing film and if you haven’t watched it you should! Now I am going to go watch every episode for the millionth time.

” Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. hate leads to suffering” – Yoda