Fall/Winter beauty

by greybuttons



The weather is changing quickly and my skin and hair can feel it. I don’t have dry or oily skin but having good products that just give that extra little help is always a plus. These are some of my favorite products I have tried that work well on my skin and hair. What I specially love about these is that these are all really cool travel size. With the holidays approaching and lots of travel required, its always so nice to have your favorite care products with you.

+ Herbivore Lip Conditioner– Seriously the best. Its like butter on your lips and hydrates like no other. The Coco rose is my favorite.

+ Fresh Lotus Radiance Lotion– Its such a great lightweight moisturizer that just gives you that radiant glow.

+ Aesop Shine– My favorite, it smells good, its lightweight and hydrates your hair without making it feel oily or heavy.

+ Complexion water– This Fig+Yarrow water is so awesome you can mist it over your face or hair for a little extra hydration with a small amount of aroma.