Hair colors to try now

by greybuttons

black blush hair lights white redorange

Its fall and I think its a good time for everyone to change it up a little. I’m talking hair here. I like fresh new starts even though I have not colored by hair in about a year. Holy cow did pigs start to fly… I really miss having hair color but right now I am currently doing the lived in/ tri color where my hair is growing out and now you  can kinda see my natural color/ dark brown color to cover my ombre/ balayage from my ombre peaking through. But its great because I get so many compliments still on my “subtle ombre look,” what everyone calls it.

Here are some looks I think are worth giving a try this fall.

+ Natural Dark color | I really like how dark hair tends to look on everyone during the colder days. With a fresh face, bold eyebrows and a dark lip. Perfect!

+ Blush Baby | If you are over the baby pink, blush is the way to go. I feel like the blush is much more subtle and adds a little more color to the skin with its warmer peach tones to it. Plus its always super fun to have cool hair color that isn’t so bold.

+ Warm Caramel | A fun update to boring ol’ highlights. I like this darker caramel color because it just adds that little extra shine and dimension to your hair without making you feel like you totally went wild with the hair color and keeps you in the comfort zone with a little kick.

+ Silver fox | I’m all for this color. I think if you are going to go blonde, go silver. It’s fun and super edgy. Even if you let the roots grow out I think this silver color is still super rad and will look great if you are trying to update the platinum look.

+ Hot Mama | I love the washed out orangish color you get after your Auburn washes out. It’s such a great color on most skins and it just brightens up the complexion.