Just US, Para Siempre.

by greybuttons

US rose baby booboo zappaI have some amazing news that I just have  not got to on here.  About 3 weeks ago I got engaged!! It seriously was such a nice surprise. Kris and I have been dating for 7 years, going on 8 this September and I am beyond excited that I will soon be married to this beautiful human. When Kris asked me it was such a beautiful and private thing I am so happy it was just us two. Kris worked with the most lovely designer to get a ring that was perfect for me and resembled me, as he told her ,one of a kind, just like me. Its so hard to even write all my emotions and how to describe every feeling going on inside of me.

Kris and I have never been that couple that are like we need to get married and have this life plan. We kind of just love each other and go with the flow. I love being about to spend every day with him and our dogs. I don’t think anyone gets me quite like him. We have our ups and downs but our love always overcomes our downs. We love to support each other in every crazy adventure and new avenue we want to go through. I think this is what is most important. Being able to understand your partners needs and passions and always support them and have their back 100% of the way. If you know Kris and I, you know we love  to be silly and work hard. I am beyond thrilled that we chose each other. Para Siempre.