Look Up

by greybuttons

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset IMG_0680

Sometimes when I’m walking I stop and breathe and look up and get so happy that I live in this great, big city. I always forget that I live in such an awesome place. I’m not going to lie Los Angeles people  aren’t always my favorite.You will run into some very ‘pretentious’ people and then some really awesome people. I assume like any city. But LA does have some very awesome places. Good food and good adventure is always near.  I snapped these pictures one while I was walking my pups on there afternoon walk and I then realized we are so lucky and I am so happy to live here. The second was in Korea town. Kris always reminds me to look up. And its true I feel like I don’t look up enough. Living in a city people are always on the go and looking forward, never up. Some architects make magic and we need to really enjoy it.

I’m so happy I landed in a city. I know for sure I will always be a city girl. Yes the beach is cool and the country, too but for some weird reason I always crave the city life. The rush, the people, the cars.  I’m sure eventually I’ll make my way to another great state with another great city. For now Los Angeles is pretty rad!