Pretty, pretty

by greybuttons


I’m pretty simple when it comes to makeup and beauty products. People always ask me how I keep my skin looking fresh and how my hair is not fried for how many times I dye my hair. Well here are some of my favorite products I have used and i really like. They are not my everyday use but they are really good products i have tried.

Organic Virgin Coconut oil. This works magic! It is so good for everything from hair to skin moisturizing to cooking. I started using coconut oil on my hair after I bleached it once and it felt so dead. I applied it to my hair after I washed it and let it sit for a while then washed it again. So good and so soft!

Moroccan Oil. I love this stuff!!! Its also a nice serum for hair. I like to apply a small amount to my hair and condition my ends. It feels like chemicals never touched my hair and it smells nice.

Kierl’s Lip Balm. This is one of my favorite lip balms. just a dab on the lips and it goes a long was. I like to apply it before I use lipstick so it preps my lips for smooth application. It’s like heaven on your lips.

Aesop Hydrating Cream: The prefect hydration cream that is light and offers a shield of sun protection. It works well on stressed skin and just leaves your skin feeling  soft.

Pearl Moisturizing soap. Okay, I became obsessed with this after staying at the Ace Hotel. This is the soap they leave out of courtesy and gosh I just love it. It is so amazing and seriously leaves your skin feeling amaaazing!