Head Underwater

by greybuttons

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Okay where have I been? If you follow sorry I was absent. I am trying to keep up with my life right now. I wish I had more pictures to post but I don’t even have time to take pictures of everything going on around me. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and celebrated with loved ones. I know its almost Christmas, which reminds me I haven’t got a Christmas tree or bought Christmas presents, which is not like me. I did buy wrapping stuff and a mistletoe, yay!

Another fun thing I was doing these past few weeks was celebrating my 25th birthday. I’m so old haha jk, I love getting older. I think aging is such a beautiful thing.  I celebrated with my parents this year. They surprised me on my birthday morning by coming out to LA and picking me up to go have lunch and  go Shopping. Since it was my birthday I chose to go to World Famous Tommy’s Burgers on Rampart which was the first Tommy’s ever.If you have never been go! Its a famous little stand and the chili is so bomb. Also, that is my pops in that image above. He has been going to that Tommy’s since he was 17!  I felt like such a little brat while my parents spoiled me on my special day.

And just to keep you up to date yesterday Kris had his art show which feels like a lot of stress just lifted off of our backs. Even though he was ready with everything it is still stressful thinking if everything will go well. It was such a good turn out, thanks to everyone who came by. He had such a great support system. We ended the night with a rooftop celebration with like 40 of our friends.

Well there is a lot more going on, hopefully I’ll update you with that in a later post. Right now I will go back to finishing up some work.