Hairs, Don’t cares!

by greybuttons

bangs long pixie shoulder length


I always come across these “Best Hair Lengths for each face shape” advice columns and I always wondered if women actually follow that advice. I am always changing my hair cut and color and people always tell me, gosh you always look good with everything you do with your hair. First advice I give those people is, “So would you!” Just wear it with confidence. Second advice I give them is get a haircut that makes you feel good about yourself. Whether its a pixie cut or having long hair to your bums do what makes you happy. DON’T feel inundated by the rules they  put on us on what hair cuts go best on you. Round face should never have short hair or Long shape face should not have long hair. Blah blah, ignore the guidelines. Imagine, you got a long layered hair cut because they said that would look best for your shape but you hated it? Gross, I would be so mad. Don’t always abide by the beauty industry rules.The secret is all in the attitude and if you can carry that hair cut that doesn’t fit your face shape, get it gurl!


+photos aren’t mine just added the type layout