Thirty facts.

by greybuttons

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset1. Grey is my favorite shade 2. Hamburgers and Ice Cream are my jam 3. I don’t have tattoos and don’t plan on it. 4. Baking is cool, I dig it  5. I’m very emotional when I watch movies or T.V shows  6. I’m obsessed with the idea of coffee and the smell and I only drink it with people I love 7. But, I prefer tea over coffee  8. Halloween is my favorite Holiday ( All I talk about all October) 9. Pancakes are my go to breakfast with fresh squeeze OJ 10. I’m allergic to Alcohol 11. Jenny Lewis is my favorite musician 12. I dye/cut my hair at least 4 times a month 13. I hate being stagnant 14. Shoes are my favorite thing to buy 15. I think a good pair of shoes is all you need 16. I’ve watched every episode of Parks and Rec at least 20 times 17. I would quit my day job to work for Parks and Rec  18. I have a tiny obsession with my dogs. By tiny I mean huge 19. I wash my hair every single day 20. I always have candles and dry cactus in my apartment 21. I was born in Fontana, Ca 22. I would move to New York or London in a heart beat 23. I love the cold. My outfits were made for that weather 24. I overuse the word OMG on text messages 25. I love sleeping with socks on and I never have matching socks 26. I can get pretty ghetto when mad 27. My favorite times to drive are at night and when the sun is rising. 28. I hate driving when the sun is setting 29. I’m so bad at air drums its good 30. All I wanted when I was little was an easy bake oven and a my life size Barbie.