by greybuttons



Yes, we all do it, splurge. These are my three top things that I constantly splurge on that are not fashion related. Wanting something beautiful or tasty is so hard to fight.


First off let me say I really don’t care for coffee like most people. But, when I do there are only certain coffee shops I like. I like the $5 a small latte kind. Right now I can say Stumptown is my favorite. Maybe because when I went to New York and it was snowing that is the coffee I had every morning and now it just reminds me of New York. Or that they are 200 ft away from my work. Those both sound pretty valid to buy expensive coffee.

I love candles even though Kris usually does the expensive candle buying, I totally agree they are worth it. Plus the candles last longer and make your home smell wonderful.  I’m so thankful for a guy with good taste.

Last but not last pee, the Rug. I say last pee because sometimes this is the reason why I continue to buy new rugs. My pup Zappa sometimes gets too excited and pees, so I’m just, oh new excuse to buy a new rug and fill every last sqft in my loft.Yes!

Sometimes a girl just needs a pretty gift. Oh, last reason to splurge is the packaging. I love it and totally worth it.