by greybuttons


After a long whole month of having my hair the same I craved change. I’m sure it is just a girl thing that we just always want something fresh and new. This is a constant problem for me and my hair. I have talked about it before so I am sure you already know this.  I just lightened my hair which I really liked but I was just not satisfied and I didn’t want to bleach it again so I had to do something before I melted my hair off for processing it so much. After always seeing these images of short bangs which I am obsessed with and Karina with her super cute blue short bangs I wanted them. I have always liked them but was kinda iffy about the super blunt short bangs. Well this time I was like screw it and cut them and then cut again and again and now they are so short and I loooove them. I love trying new things and love experimenting with my hair.