by greybuttons


I guess I don’t really talk about my passion for design as much as I really should so I thought I would give a try. If you know me i’m pretty sure you know how much I have always loved fashion (doesn’t every girl?) But I mean the love and interest I have for it goes beyond just finding the cutest or trendiest clothes. I think about the textiles, color, fit and drape of a garment. Does this color go well with this fabric? Will it fit the same after I wore it 3 times. Does the stretch go back to its normal state of being? Working in the fashion industry with different fabrics everyday makes you think of these things. Specially when you know the fabric contents, where it came from or is it sourced for the right season.

I remember when I was in fashion school the design process was always trying to be the most innovative designer. I feel that for a long time you don’t really think about everything that goes into creating a garment. As I have grown as a designer I realize that my passion for design has changed.

When you first start your dreams are always to be the biggest name out there, to have amazing fashion shows. But now all I care about is having an amazing brand that my customers really love and know that i’m not just producing junk for them but something that is made with quality. Making your brand a lifestyle that will last forever.