by greybuttons


I am so excited for my parents,  they are opening their house for 2 French girls who are coming to the America to learn about our culture for 2 weeks. My parents have never done this before but my parents went to a church festival last week and they asked if someone with spare rooms would like to participate and help house some of the foreign  students traveling here. Of course for some odd reason they said yes they would love too. My parents though it would be such an amazing experience to help someone else out and at the same time learn about their culture as well.

These girls will stay at my parents home for 2 weeks, they will be going to school there to learn English but they will also be traveling with their group to like Disneyland and the beach. I’m sure other touristy places in Southern California.

I’m so happy and hope all goes well. I just got off the phone with my mom and she is so cute. She was at the store buying the girls Welcome Balloons.  I love my parents and their kind hearts.


*image from flickr