by greybuttons



Why is hair such a big problem in my life? I think I change my hair style or color at least 10 times a year. Either its short and I keep going shorter or I just want to grow it out but then it gets to that ugly natural flip out hair stage and I just chop it off. So what I try to do so I don’t cut my hair is I dye it every time I’m tired of my hair style.

I’m super undecided on how I want my hair, I have longer bangs and my hair is finally a little passed shoulder length. I really want to grow my hair long but i love short hair.
Sometimes I feel that growing out my hair will just be boring but then again everyone is cutting their hair right now. And if you know me I hate going with the crowd and with what everyone is doing. Short hair you look so good, bangs you make me feel different and long hair… you take to long to grow.