Stay in my bank!

by greybuttons

money 2


No one likes to talk about it or hear about it but, confession, sometimes I spend to much money on stupid stuff. Living on your own with out the help of parents anymore can be tough, specially when you live in a major city that can get pricy and having school loans doesn’t help. Kris and I are going to europe at the end of the year and have been trying to figure out better ways to save. And just in general how to manage our money and expenses.

Last month I decided to really go through my bank account and just kind of go through and add up all the extra money I spend just on random stuff that are not bills.

Another confession I am a Target shopaholic. Going through my statement I realized I went to target 4 times in a row in one week and each time spend over $30.00. What is that, who am I.

After adding everything up in 2 1/2 weeks I spend almost $800 on stupid stuff that I DONT NEED! So my friend Liz from work said hey have you read the blog “So then we saved.’ I said,no. She said read it. After going through there easy methods to try and save. I said I want to challenge myself and try some of their methods. I re-calculated my spending for the following two weeks and I only spend $450.00 and only went to target twice in 2 weeks!!! Yes, I fought the urge. And I also have not gone to Home Depot which is one of my favorite stores to go to when I build and craft stuff for my home. Better than purchasing already made stuff, but it can also get pricy.

These next two weeks I will try to cut the $450.00 in half. Which mean no more little $3.00 spending at starbucks every other day and try to make my target trips just for the necessities.