Almost 2 years.

by greybuttons

anna bond

So next month will be my 2 nd year of living in Downtown Los Angeles. I can’t explain how much I love living in this city, specially downtown. I know many people don’t like it and they say they prefer the country or more suburban areas of living. There is so much to do here and so easy to get around. I get it people hate the LA traffic, but people should learn to commute other ways  than drive. I love to Bike ride and walk as much as possible. I think I walk at least 5 miles a day. My legs sure aren’t complaining.

Peoples question to me is always how do you live downtown with dogs, must suck for your dog… why I ask? Should I shove them in the same back yard every single day because that is easier? Living in a city forces you to interact more with your pets and actually walk them, get more physical activity and meet other dogs. I’m sure my dog prefers that. Plus there is like at least 4 parks within a mile radius around me.

People… people downtown are so friendly and not judgmental, I love that. No one cares what you wear, who you date or what you drive. They just want to smile and well in my case pet my dogs, as we cross paths.

I’m truly happy that I chose to live in the heart of Los Angeles, I really couldn’t think of a cooler place to live… for now.


*Los Angeles print by Anna Bond