Yumm Pops

by greybuttons

imageSo the weather in Los Angeles has been pretty warm, and I wanted a sweet and healthy way to stay cool so I made 2 diffeent fresh fruit pops.

Watermelon/Mint (in image)

– you will need one baby watermelon, mint leaves and Popsicle molds, I got mine at target

-cut baby watermelon into fours and grab a handful of organic mint leaves

-put into blender and you can add a small amount of water, blend and done 🙂

– makes 4-6 pops


– You will need organic strawberries and Blackberries

-cut strawberries in half or fours and put into blender about 5-6

-grab about 5 blackberries or as many as you desire and put into blender

-add 1/2 cup of water, blend and done.

-makes 4-6 pops

I love trying new yummy treats have you made fresh fruit pops, what flavors were your favorite?