Sex, City, Fashion

by greybuttons


So like most girls/women I love sex and the city. When i first started dating my boyfriend we would watch the show everyday rerun after rerun. I even dragged him to go see each movie about three times while in theaters ( he secretly loves it.) Well I decided to re-visit the first movie and I fell completely in-love again and every other outfit Carrie wore I would literally get the chill , because that is what fashion does to me.  I don’t care how many people think Jessica Parker is ugly, its not her, its the clothes that makes Carrie and the show and she was probably the best styled actress in any show. Good job Patricia Fields.


I can’t begin to stress how much joy and passion was going through me When I re-watched this movie. Its an unexplainable feeling I have towards fashion. I might not go to all the Fashion weeks, attend the best fashion shows or own the most fabulous and awesome designers but I understand it and their concept on what they where trying to create. And trust me if I could afford it, well lets just say I’d live in clothes or store sweaters in my oven like Carrie 🙂

What is your favorite Sex and the City movie, episode or look?