by greybuttons

I love finding amazing, inspiring videos. You know this video makes me feel like I am living and doing what I love. I have never been a person that settles and does thing just because they are cool or because I am expecting something out of it.

I have never been the person who will take a job just because it pays good or pursuit an education in a career that I don’t even have a passion for just because in the long run it will pay well. I always like doing things because I have a passion for it.

I love rescuing dogs not because I want  seem like an animal lover, but because I genuinely care for animals. I didn’t go to school to be be a designer because it pays well, because trust me its a long shot before I get to where I want with my career but I do it because I love fashion, I love inspiring others and I have this passion for design and clothes that I feel not everyone feels. Just because you dress up to trend and you shop a lot doesn’t mean you love and understand clothes or the construction and how much thought was put into each garment.

So what I’m hoping you get out of this and this video is do something that your truly passionate about and not because you expect something out of it. But enjoying the feeling you get when you do things you love and it feels amazing.