W o r k ?

by greybuttons


So our office is pretty small so this was easy to do. I feel like our styles are soooo laid-back for working at a designer office but we still manage to dress pretty cute.I’m so happy we are free to wear whatever we want instead of a work uniform. Uhh work uniform I remember those days. I was a server so wearing slacks, an apron and slip resistant shoes… not cute. I think I prefer the non uniform rule.

A little about the girls in our office.

Liz- to the left is our in office PR gal and she is A-Maz-ING. I love her, she is the sweetest girl and this job suits her personality well. (Vintage Def Leppard shirt, BDG jeans, BDG booties)

I- I’m the assistant designer in our office, and yeah I guess i’m pretty cool too. (Gap buttondown, Gap tank, Madewell skinnies, Target booties)

Sadie- to the right is our super hip intern who we love and is a kind soul. ( Comme Des Garcons shirt)