by greybuttons



I know I have been a little MIA for a couple of days but I was a little busy with it being easter (hope you had a good easter) and going back home and just work has been a little hectic. Plus I’ve been running a lot more now that the weather is pretty amazing, the sun is on my back and the wind in my face. I also have been doing little spurts of shopping for my apartment. I know I moved in about 9 months ago (yikes) but i’ve just been wanting to you know make it a little more cute. And I love to cook and bake but sometime I feel like i’m always missing some kitchen accessories. So i decided to do this post on my kitchen appliance/accessories  hit list. I know some stuff is like, is that necessary yes, yes it is. Gosh I can only imagine when I get married how ridiculous my registry is going to be. Thank god we arent planning on getting married till we are pretty wealthy. So that better happen soon.

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