Not so winter wonderland

by greybuttons



So as the end of Winter approaches it makes me so sad. Only 22 days till this beautiful weather is gone and all the fun layers begin to disappear from my body. I’m so not looking forward to getting in my car and sizzling in my leather seats.

Okay, i’m over exaggerating Los Angeles weather is pretty perfect, it does not get thaaaat hoooottt. But there is one think I will miss from winter and it’s seeing all these cute Fall/Winter street styles ugh so darn cute, the booties, colored tights, and hats to keep the head warm. These four looks are some of my favorite looks online I have came across and I just fell in love with.

I usually like to reference looks like these when I don’t know what to wear. And like that, I get inspired. What inspires you when you don’t know what to wear?