The Weekend L I G H T S

by greybuttons

IMG_1037 mac IMG_1032 IMG_1031 IMG_1033

I’m so happy that some places in LA still are in the Christmas Spirit. I had such a fun weekend with my guy, he is always a blast. We decided to go on a fun Saturday night date. We went on a little Tokyo adventure. We started our night by riding to little Tokyo since its our neighbor, we first stopped to have sushi at our favorite spot then went for some delicious  French Macaron’s he know they are my favorite. Since we have dogs we went home to pick them up and decided to continue our night by going to home depot, (we met there haha) but we still love going there to see what we can buy to build stuff. After that we ended our night by taking a 2 hour walk though the art district, where we found out obviously as the images above show many people still want it to be Christmas time?! To be honest with you I don’t mind one bit, I actually kinda of love it. Hope everyone had a great weekend.